COPL's optical fiber manufacturing research teams have developed unparalleled know-how: from glass design to the synthesis of preforms by MCVD processes to the drawing of special optical fibers. Discover our main infrastructures and the different types of optical fibers that we have drawn in our laboratory. Their compositions, geometries and guiding properties can be adapted according to your needs and applications. Contact us for an assessment of the feasibility of your project.


MCVD Processes

- Synthesis of silica preforms

- Vapor phase deposition

- Doping (Ge, P, Al) for index control

- Doping (Er, Yb, Nd, Th, etc.) for active fibers

Silica fiber drawing tower

- Dedicated to silica fibers

Fiber tower - other materials

- 4 ovens covering a wide range of transition temperatures

- Dedicated to polymers, chalcogenides, tellurites, phosphates, silicophosphates, etc.