At the heart of the scientific breakthroughs that research in optics and photonics has generated for several decades, the 21 teams of researchers that make up the COPL, focus their research activities around 6 axes that combine fundamental research with the development of new properties, materials and devices. These teams are driven by an undeniable desire to advance the spectrum of knowledge in the field and to maximize its impact in several sectors of activity.

Study of the basic properties of materials, development of new types of materials, shaping of materials in thin layers, fibers or other. Our researchers explore:

  • New vitreous materials and vitroceramics
  • Nanoparticles and nanostructured thin films
  • Functional materials

Design and manufacture of optical fibers for laser sources, sensor systems, instrumentation, and communication networks. Our researchers develop:

  • Mid-infrared Glasses
  • Microstructured Optical Fibers
  • Hybrid Materials
  • Multifunctional Fibers

Development of stable, compact, wide spectral coverage and ultrashort/ultra-intense pulse laser sources. Our researchers study:

  • The Dynamics of Lasers
  • Fiber Sources in the Infrared
  • The Application of Lasers to Metrology, Remote Sensing, and Micromachining

In collaboration with the CERVO centre, our researchers design photonic systems and micro-systems to probe living things. Our research is useful for:

  • Imaging and Diagnosis
  • Therapy and Intervention

Study of optical communications from devices to systems. Our researchers propose theoretical concepts and carry out experimental validations relating to:

  • Multidimensional Amplifiers
  • Built-in Transmitters and Receivers
  • Coherent Optical Transmission
  • Smart Radio-over-Fiber Systems
  • Spatial Multiplexing

Study and integration of photonic technologies for the development of systems and microsystems useful for the transmission of data or the measurement of chemical, biological and physical parameters. These systems and microsystems find applications in many fields such as optical communications, metrology, biomedicine and remote sensing. Our research teams design:

  • Photonic Integrated Circuits and Systems on Silicon
  • Optoelectronic Microsystems for Neuroscience
  • Optical Spectrometers and Polarimeters
  • Optical Frequency Combs
  • Optical Frequency Metrology Systems
  • Hybrid Integrated Photonic Systems combining Photonic, Microfluidic or Electrical Circuits
  • Photonic Systems with Integration of Different Heterogeneous Materials
  • Imaging Systems in Various Spectral Bands for Remote Sensing and Astronomy