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The COPL at Université Laval

The Centre for Optics, Photonics and Lasers of Université Laval (COPLULaval) is an recognized interdisciplinary research centre bringing together 22 research teams and more than 150 graduate students. For more than thirty years, our researchers have been advancing knowledge and contributing to innovation in this field. Recognized as a leader in optics and photonics research in Canada, COPLULaval also hosts a strategic cluster of which 8 Quebec university institutions, comprising of more than 50 researchers and 450 students are members.

Continue on our website to learn more about our research focuses and our community, the study and training projects available, as well as our laboratories and our exceptional infrastructures based at Université Laval.

To learn more about the Quebec strategic cluster in optics-photonics and our partner institutions, visit the website .


16 January 2023

Simon Thibault obtient une subvention Alliance du CRSNG de 265 440 $ pour développer un appareil qui améliora la sécurité des puits miniers!

Son projet de recherche intitulé « Numérisation 3D de précision des puits de mine » profitera de la collaboration avec l’entreprise québécoise Point…

09 December 2022

Arutyun Bagramyan, U.Laval PhD student, receives the SPIE-Franz Hillenkamp 2023 postdoctoral fellowship

Dr. Bagramyan completed his doctoral studies in 2020 in Physics and Biomedical Engineering. It was under the supervision of Tigran Galstian that he…